Our team of professionals is willing to hold your hands, walk with you, and guide you through the dark tunnel to arrive safely into the light. It does not matter what led you to experience trauma; what matters is that in the end, you will have a better understanding of yourself and have a better mental frame.


We address challenges with mood through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), EMDR, psychoeducation, and other interventions. The client is guided through accessing their internal strengths and abilities, and toward a more hopeful mindset and way of approaching their world.

Teen/Parent Conflict

When our children reach their teenage years, conflict opportunities are often present. And there is a way to bridge the gap that sometimes forms when one of these conflicts occurs. Support from our experienced therapists will help parents and children learn new ways to resolve the conflicts, and will increase the connection between you.

Life Transitions

Have you faced a transition in life, planned or surprise, and right before or after began to deal with heavy emotional or psychological challenges you had not faced before? Many people do. Whether it’s a happy or unhappy change (e.g., graduation and moving away from home, ending a serious relationship, being laid-off, birth or death), emotional and psychological disruptions can occur, and receiving support from a trained professional can make all the difference.

Mental Toughness

Life all too often puts us in situations where we feel overwhelmed, emotionally dysregulated, or stuck. Facing these situations is hard, and you may have experienced not being able to do what it took to stick with it and overcome the challenge, which is discouraging and disempowering. By coaching you through developing the attributes of Control, Commitment, Confidence, and Challenge (AQR’s Mental Toughness concept & assessment), you will learn when a tougher mental state is needed, and how to call that up in yourself. This work is perfect for aspiring athletes or professionals wanting to take their careers further.

Parent Coaching

Often, when there is conflict between parents and their children, a parent coaching relationship is helpful. The child or parent may need therapy to address something more serious (an appropriate referral may be made), but sometimes coaching through relationship challenges is sufficient to create the change needed. Kids are dealing with so many influences that parents never did, and this leaves them unsure of how to handle them (e.g., social media, unfettered online access to information, instant contact with peers, non-personal interaction with peers, withdrawal from real life for a fantasy world in games). Coaches experienced in working within difficult family dynamics offer hope to parents and children, that relationships can be strengthened and modern day influences can be managed.

Mindset Training

Experiences in life and observing habits modeled by significant people in our lives can lead to a mindset that is not conducive to the way we want to live. People who want to excel in their professional field or in their relationships can be limited because of the mindset they have. We support clients to recognize where they are limited and to begin to shift the mindset to one of growth and possibilities. (sometimes this work reveals work more appropriate to address in therapy, and the client may be referred to someone else for that work)